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About the Editor

Hey there, story lover!

I’m Trisha Crabtree—reader, writer, and professional freelance editor. Stories, both real and imagined, carried me through my youth and developed into a passion that drove me into my role as a developmental editor.

During my graduate studies in linguistics, I discovered that stories are everywhere. They aren’t just confined to books intended for children, memoirs written by the self-indulgent, or tales spun for the sake of entertainment. Academic research introduced me to the untold stories hidden in data, both quantitative and qualitative, in the implicit, in culture. Patterns became the telltales, and I the story weaver. (And imagine my surprise when I discovered that the same objective data could be used to weave contradictory tales!)

I’m proud to say that this where my career as a writer and an editor began. Although my undergraduate studies focused on language and literature (with a particular emphasis on the short story and magical realism), it was the scholarly genres that first pulled me into editing. I supported researchers from myriad disciplines as they pieced together the stories they uncovered during research and prepared them for publication. With good fortune and the courage to follow passion where it would take me, I eventually found myself working with writers of nonfiction, creative nonfiction, and then to my first loves: fiction, commercial, literary, and for young readers.

I am always looking to connect with other writers, researchers, illustrators, booksellers, and editors and watching for opportunities to dive into a story that has the potential to touch the lives of others. If you’re in search of support as you weave the elements of your the tale together, I’m eager to hear from you. Check out my page on editorial services, request a sample revision, or send me a message (contact form below).

Recent Projects | Selections from My Portfolio

An Ignorance of Means
by Jennifer Oakley Denslow
Historical Fiction (Novel)

In 18th century France, women had few choices and little chance to shape their destiny. Catherine dreams of a marriage as supportive and tender as that of her parents, but on her wedding night her new husband relates his own vision.

Rapier Wit
by Jennifer Oakley Denslow
Cozy Mystery (Novel)

When an extra body turns up backstage, Quanah High School’s production of Romeo and Juliet is in trouble. Small-town high-school teacher Regina Murphy has to stop directing and muster up her amateur sleuthing skills to find out who killed stern math teacher Robert Slayton, an ex-military man whose classroom demeanor put him at the center of conflicts with students, parents, and other faculty. Against the advice of Sheriff Mac Snyder, Reggie balances her day job initiating students into the mysteries of the dangling participle, explaining why stage right is the audience’s left, and confronting plagiarists to protect her students and make sure the curtain goes up on time.

Outside Looking In Vivian Lumbard

Outside Looking In: High-Functioning Autism from One Mother’s Perspective
by Vivian M. Lumbard
Non-fiction (Memoir)

“Each family’s journey with autism is as unique as a fingerprint.”

Think about autism differently. That’s what Lumbard does. She’s a mom to teenage twins facing the challenges of high-functioning autism. Autism awareness is on the rise. But what about autism understanding? Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) manifests differently for each individual. Yet stereotypes hinder understanding and impact our choices as parents and educators. Using Examples from her family’s life, Lumbard reframes common ASD stereotypes and competencies to highlight commonalities with the neurotypical world. She advocates an approach of loving, parenting, and supporting the whole unique child.

Plastic Girl: Evolution
by Jessica Maison
YA | Sci-Fi (Novella)

Set against the backdrop of a planet ravaged by acidic waters, toxic air and polluted lands, this sci-fi climate novella acts as a cautionary tale for adults and a hopeful one for youth, affirming that every end, even the darkest, makes room for new beginnings.

Jessica Maison Plastic Girl Jessica Maison

Plastic Girl (Second Edition)
by Jessica Maison
YA | Sci-Fi (Novella)

Eva has never been your typical teenager. She grew up in a climate apocalypse, her parents are dead, and the boy she once loved might be trying to kill her. Just when she’s about to give up hope, she discovers a new species born from plastic waste. More incredibly, she can mold these creatures into other beings – first a butterfly, then a fish, a deer – and eventually, a sister, Iris. […]

Second edition, includes prequel novella Plastic Girl: Evolution.

The Big Event
by Anne John-Ligali
Women’s Fiction (Short Story)

A light one-sitting read on friendships in the age of social media. This story on quasi-intimacy with absolute strangers follows a protagonist on the night of a big event. Her emotional journey takes us from excitement to disillusionment and back to excitement. First in a thematic series on virtual friendships and the intersection with real life.

Omega Point
by Anton Marks
Urban Fantasy (Novella)

Henry Duke, eccentric Xeno-Linguist and archaeologist, is found dead, and his grandson Isaac is left with the unenviable task of completing his life’s work. Isaac has come to understand that his entire life has been in preparation for this moment, a destiny that will have him discover a mythical alien structure coined the Tower of Babel and the secrets it contains. History will know him as the Architect, and his discovery will change Africa and the world forever.

Mini & Mo To the Theatre We Go Kelly Sry

Mini & Mo: To the Theatre We Go
by Kelly Sry
Children’s Picture Book

Mini & Mo are unlikely friends who would do anything for each other. Through their ups and downs, they teach children that, as long as you stick together, there isn’t anything you can’t do.

Being on stage can be very scary. Sometimes the nerves can even keep you up at night. But if you have your best friend by your side, you might even find it fun! In this first book of the series, Mini & Mo star in their very first play.

The Blocks Get Lost in India
by Javier Garay; Keenan Hopson (illustrator)
Children’s Story Book (+ STEM)

Lloyd and Sonia are two building blocks on a mission to save their friends from the dreaded Garcia Family Yard Sale. But when they arrive in India, something goes terribly wrong. Will the tough little blocks from Philadelphia find their way home in time to save the day?

The Blocks Get Lost in India is the second book in The Blocks Books series. It is aimed at children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade and introduces fun engineering concepts through fast-paced and engaging storytelling. There is also a clever cultural element woven into each book that will have young readers eager to learn about the world.

The Yuckiest Lunch Box
by Debbie Min
Children’s Story Book

When Nari brings her traditional Asian lunch to school, she doesn’t expect her classmates’ reaction: “Pee-yoo! It smells like someone farted!” Feeling embarrassed and rejected, she asks her mother to pack American lunches from now on, only to discover that what makes her different is actually her strength.

In this multicultural story of belonging and acceptance, Nari faces cultural differences and learns to embrace the beauty of her culture with pride.

Fox Who Chased the Sky E M REINHART

The Fox Who Chased the Sky
by Elizabeth M. Reinhart
Children’s Story Book

Little Fox is a curious creature who wants, more than anything, to experience the world outside his cozy den. With the sky overhead leading the way, he experiences both joy and fear. What will happen as he follows the sun through the adventures of the day? Will the moon walk beside him when the path home becomes difficult to see?

Join Little Fox on the voyage of self-discovery as he takes his first steps into the unknown.

Fox Who Caught a Star E M Reinhart

The Fox Who Caught a Star
by Elizabeth M. Reinhart
Children’s Picture Book Story

Friendship brings out the best in all creatures, and there were never better friends than Little Fox and Owl. But, what does it mean to be a best friend? Little Fox explores this idea as he continues to grow into the world around him.

With a little help from the starlight above, he may just unlock the secrets to the true meaning of friendship.

Champion of the Iroko
by Zee Ghara
YA Fiction (Novel)

Ojadili, great warrior of the Madu clan of Atu Kingdom, is tasked with a heavy burden from birth. He must save both his Kingdom and his half-sister Adi from impending doom: “War is coming,” the prophesy foretold, and both situations are tied to the circumstances surrounding his birth. Ojadili is torn between abandoning his clan and defying his warrior chief father Adol to save his sister—yet clear on what must be done. Will duty be the cost of love? Or will love cost him, the Kingdom, Adi, or both?

The Action Gap
by Simon Lieberum
Self-Help (Nonfiction)

Lieberum presents a straightforward and practical framework for finally doing what you’ve promised yourself you would—and not just for the new year. The G-A-P approach leverages what we know about habit and willpower in human cognition and behavior and presents it all with admirable simplicity.

Giving Birth
by Herman Buurman
Self-Help, Spiritual (Nonfiction)

Theta Healer Herman Buurman offers the reader a unique insight into the subconscious beliefs and “programs” that contribute to pregnancy- and birth-related complaints. In straightforward and accessible language, the book covers the metaphysical background of the most common (and some uncommon) pregnancy-related issues.

Too Busy, Too Bored For Prayer
by Concetta M. Green
Self-Help (Christian Nonfiction)

A practical book on prayer in modern Christian lives. This book challenges the reader with daily devotion with a 7-day plan focused on connectivity. Proposed as a joint endeavor for the sake of accountability and commitment. To be accompanied or followed by a workbook.

That’s a Bullseye
by Richard Blazevich & Eric Biship
Business Fable (Management Fiction)

A hypothetical case study of a marketing professional who must re-establish the relevance of a previously well-known brand in the face of evolving industry. Focuses on leadership in business transformation within a 6-step framework for establishing and maintaining a digital presence.

The Bold Business Book
by James Kademan
Business | Self-Help (Nonfiction)

Advice for new and established entrepreneurs. This comprehensive guide covers a long list of aspects of running a business from startup to selling. Includes practical exercises, contributor case studies, and a whole lot of attitude. When Kademan said bold, he meant it.

Amazing Interview Answers
by Richard Blazevich
Self-Help (Nonfiction)

A practical guide providing insider insight to help job seekers prepare for interviews. Sample answers are analyzed for their strengths (or weaknesses) so that they can be extrapolated to various circumstances, industries, and positions.